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Frequently asked questions FAQ

  1. What is KELTA?
    KELTA is a data center located in Slovakia. The KELTA data center provides hosting services for a variety of purposes, including scientific research, neural network testing, game services, and cryptocurrency mining.
  2. Why is KELTA raising money in an ICO?
    The KELTA data center is already fully operational and profitable. The purpose of this ICO is to make our data center more accessible to a wider community. Funds raised will largely be used to update our liquid immersion cooling system.
  3. What is a KLT Token?
    The KLT token is a utility token, and represents access to 1 watt of the data center’s capacity. Other benefits of token ownership include access to the KELTA app.
  4. How can I buy Bitcoin or Ethereum?
    There are a number of ways to obtain these cryptocurrencies. In many countries, BTC is available from ATM machines. What’s more, BTC can be purchased from exchanges worldwide. ETH is available on exchanges as well, or you can use a service called Coinbase, which supports the exchange of fiat currencies for cryptocurrencies.
  5. Are ICOs scams?
    Some ICOs are scams, but certainly not all of them are. What’s important is for the investor to pay attention to the product behind the ICO and determine if it is a scam or not. Participation in token sales an investment carries certain risks. The KELTA team and organization believes that it is important that anyone choosing to invest by purchasing KLT tokens educates themselves fully on the token purchasing process and on the risks involved in token ownership.
  6. Is a KLT token a share in the company?
    A KLT token does NOT represent a share in the company. KLT token holders have no right to make decisions regarding the company’s direction, and do not receive dividends. KLT tokens are utility tokens, and are not securities. Ownership of one token gives the token holder unlimited access to one watt of the KELTA data center’s capacity. The amount of watts to which you have access is equivalent to the number of KLT tokens you possess.
  7. I’m a speculative trader. What are the chances that your token will grow in price in 6-12 months? What is the expected growth rate?
    Unfortunately, we ourselves are not speculative traders. We operate a data center and are selling a utility token meant to be used for specific purposes only. If you are a speculative trader, we encourage you to inform yourself fully on the risks of such activities.
  8. What are the chances that after the ICO your tokens will fall in price?
    This is something that is impossible to predict. Token price is determined by its trading volume, the success of the project, and other factors. Since we are a fully-functional data center and cryptocurrency mining company that regularly earns a profit, there is no reason why the price should fall.
  9. When will the tokens begin to trade on the exchanges?
    The KELTA team is currently in negotiations with a number of exchanges. As the KLT is a utility token, it is meant to provide access to our data center and exchange trading is not an ideal use for it. KLT’s debut on the exchanges should occur in mid-spring
  10. What will be the liquidity of the tokens at the time of the completion of the ICO?
    Liquidity is hard to predict, particularly when discussing cryptocurrency or digital assets. We expect that most token holders will be using the KLT token, and not selling it.
  11. How secure is the storage of tokens?
    Accounts on the platform can be accessed via a web-portal or with a mobile application. Accounts will be protected from unauthorized access by a two-factor authentication systém. This is this industry standard.
  12. How secure is your system from attack by hackers?
    Given the nature of KELTA’s business model and the types of services offered, the company depends on the functioning of software applications, computer hardware, the internet, and other computer infrastructures. The KELTA team has made, and continues to make, every effort possible to limit the risk of viruses, DDOS attacks, physical break-ins, and other malicious activities.
  13. How will tokens be distributed?
    A total of 12,500,000 KLT will be issued. During the token sale, 10,000,000 KLT will be available for purchase. KELTA follows a fairly unique token distribution procedure. For every 100 KLT tokens sold during the ICO, 25 will be issued in surplus. These 25 tokens will be retained by KELTA team members, or distributed among partners and advisors.

    10,000,000 KLT - Available for purchase during the token sale
    250,000 - Bounty + Referral program
    312,500 - Advisors
    625,000 - Team
    625,000 - Founders
    687,500 - Recovery fund
  14. Who distributes tokens, and how quickly will I receive them after the end of the initial coin offering (token launch)?
    The first phase of token distribution will be carried out through the payment platform. Upon the end of the token sale, the purchase of tokens in this way will no longer be possible. Approximately on May 27th, 2018, the first first batch of tokens will be issued to participants. As soon as the tokens are issued, they may be transferred to the owner’s personal account on the KELTA website.
  15. Do the tokens comply with the ERC20 token standard? Can I transfer them to a third-party ETH wallet?
    The KLT token is a ERC20 standard utility token emitted on the Ethereum blockchain network. They may be transferred to any third-party Ethereum wallet.
  16. I want to invest a very large amount of money. Will I receive the right to vote, or other privileges?
    All investors will be treated the same and have the same privileges, regardless of the size of the investment. However, it is important to keep in mind that a large investment means a higher and faster ROI. The KLT Token does not represent a share in the company, and token ownership does not provide the user with the right to vote on issues concerning the management of the KELTA data center.
  17. Can I transfer tokens from your service?
    Yes, transfer of tokens is possible. In fact, tokens may be traded or sold. Keep in mind, that by selling or exchanging tokens, you lose the ability to use the token to access the data center.
  18. What is the minimum purchase during the token sale?
    The minimum purchase during the pre-sale is 1 KLT token. During the rest of the token sale, there will be no enforced minimum or maximum purchase amount.
  19. What is the legal status of the KLT token? What happens if this status changes?
    The KELTA data center legally operates in the Republic of Slovakia in accordance with all laws of the European Union. The KELTA token is interpreted as a utility token, in compliance with international financial regulations.

    It is the responsibility of the potential token holder to inform his or herself regarding the local laws in his or her home jurisdiction. KELTA does not have any responsibility for any tax or other obligations the token holder may have in his or her country as a result for involvement in the KELTA project.

    The potential token holder ought also to inform his or herself about the potential for changes in legislation that might affect the token’s value. Such changes may negatively affect the value of the token.
  20. How can you ensure the security of token holders’ private information?
    The KELTA team engages independent auditors - prominent in the industry - who review the smart contract code line by line, checking for any security breaches, misuses of incentivization, or other concerns regarding the attack surface.
  21. Can you tell me a little about KELTA’s history?
    The history goes back half a decade already, and the progression of the data center runs in parallel to the recent rapid rise of blockchain technology. Just as Bitcoin, the first major cryptocurrency came to fruition during the worldwide economic crisis of 2008-2012, the roots go back to a time when it seemed obvious in the world that something needed to change, and that a major technological shift was coming.

    Shortly following the economic crisis of 2008, real estate prices and the price of land throughout Europe had fallen sharply. The founders notice that this represented an excellent opportunity to invest in land in Slovakia. Given recent technological advancements at the time, it was decided that a good use of the land would be the construction of a Tier-3 level, high-reliability and high-security data center. Construction was completed and tier-3 certification was received in 2012.Even before the construction for the data center was completed, the founders managed to sell a portion of its space to the ORANGE corporation. Soon after, a portion was sold to the Ministry of Finance of the Slovak Republic. In this way, a significant amount of the initial investment for the data center’s construction was returned.
  22. How many people are on your team?
    Currently, 25 individuals are employed by KELTA.
  23. Do you have analogues or competitors?
    There are many companies which deal with mining. However, KELTA’s offer for token holders is unique - KELTA data center users will enjoy the following benefits from KLT token ownership:
    • Access to 1 watt of data center capacity. • Access to the streamlined KELTA app (and web portal) which makes it easy to select the cryptocurrency to mine, and to begin mining - even with a limited understanding of blockchain theory. • Membership in an exclusive community of cryptocurrency and blockchain experts, supported by the tools provided on the KELTA website.
  24. Are there any references to your project in the media?
    Yes! Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Bitcointalk, Medium or Telegram to get the latest links to media references.
  25. Where is your office located?
    The KELTA data center is located at the following address:
    Kopcianska 92, 851 01 Bratislava, Slovakia
  26. In what jurisdiction is your business located?
    The KELTA data center legally operates in the Republic of Slovakia in accordance with all laws of the European Union
  27. How long will it take for me to get my money back
    If you rent out your token, we garantee a 6% p.a.. It will be paid weekly. If you would be mining it would be 72-96% p.a. If you for instance choose scientific research you, the investor /token holder will calculate your own p.a. This process is off KELTA’s scope of interest. However, KELTA will receive fees on the last day of the month for choosing this way of using the KELTA token.

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