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What is KELTA Wallet?

KELTA Wallet is an application that helps in the creation of passive income. This revenue comes from blockchain technology. KELTA has computers in its data center and you power these computers through your KELTA Wallet application. It means that the application in your mobile phone or in your computer serves as a remote control to the data center. In it you set up your crypto operations and create a profit from them. KELTA DOES NOT function as an exchange or a provider of financial services for short-term speculative transactions depending on the development of market prices (so-called cryptocurrencies trading).

How can I start using KELTA´s services?

To start using KELTA´s services, you need to own KELTA tokens (KLT token) in the minimum amount of 300 KLT. To get them you need to create an account with KELTA.

What is KLT token?

The KLT token is a ERC20 standard utility token emitted on the Ethereum blockchain network and represents access to 1 watt of the data center’s capacity. Ownership of one token gives the token holder unlimited access to one watt of the computing power. The amount of watts to which you have access is equivalent to the number of KLT tokens you own.

What is KELTA Talk?

KELTA Talk is a free messaging application designed exclusively for KELTA Wallet users. It is used for communication between users and their ambassador and the KELTA team. It allows you to send messages and pictures. No user registration is required to use the application, the user logs in using the login data to the KELTA Wallet. The application is available for iOS as well as Android operating systems and it provides users with access to all important information linked to KELTA, its products, and services, or news.

What is KELTA Academy?

KELTA Academy is an educational program for KELTA users, that provides all information about what KELTA is, how it works, how to work with the application and how to use the available tools to achieve and maximize passive income.

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