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What is important before making a withdrawal?

Make sure you have verified your phone number before making a withdrawal. To do so, go to the menu Settings – Profile in your KELTA Wallet application, click the button Verify in the phone number field and follow the instructions provided.

Why can't I verify my phone number?

It is not allowed to have 2 or more KELTA accounts registered with the same telephone number. Make sure, you have only one account registered with the number, you wish to verify.

Can I change my phone number? How should I proceed?

Yes, in case you want to change your phone number, go to the menu Settings – Profile in your KELTA Wallet application, click the button Change in the phone number field and follow the instructions provided.

How can I make a withdrawal?

There are two ways to make a withdrawal of cryptocurrencies from your KELTA Wallet. The first is to transfer the cryptocurrency to your existing external digital wallet. The second way to make a withdrawal is to use a so-called crypto-ATM, which is an ATM for cryptocurrencies. To transfer cryptocurrencies, you need to enter your external digital wallet address to your KELTA Wallet.

Go to the menu Wallet – Withdraw, choose the cryptocurrency you wish to withdraw, enter the external digital wallet address and the amount. The withdrawal transaction is subject to a variable fee, which depends on the current value of the transaction fees in the blockchain networks. You can choose the amount of the transfer fee according to your preferences. The higher the fee, the faster the transaction will be processed. The fee will be automatically subtracted upon withdrawal. Then click the button Withdraw and follow the instructions provided.

Which e-mail type confirms a withdrawal from KELTA?

After entering the withdrawal request, you will receive a message with the subject Withdrawal request in your e-mail box. However, this is not a confirmation of your withdrawal yet. It is necessary to wait for its processing. Then you will receive another message with the subject Withdrawal confirmation, which means that your withdrawal was successful.

How can I verify the withdrawal in the KELTA Wallet?

If the transaction is in the processing state, it is designated as pending. You can always check the processing status in the menu Transactions - Transactions in your KELTA Wallet. After processing the withdrawal, the so-called TxHash is assigned to the transaction which can be clicked to find out more information.

How long does it take to process a withdrawal?

Withdrawals are processed as soon as possible depending on the speed and capability of the blockchain networks. You can always check the processing status in the menu Transactions - Transactions in your KELTA Wallet.

What must be done if the withdrawal transaction was not processed in the blockchain network?

If the blockchain network does not process the withdrawal transaction, which is outside of KELTA's control, the funds will be returned and credited back to your KELTA account. It is therefore necessary that you continuously monitor the status of the withdrawal and re-enters it if it has not been processed.

What is the procedure if I want to sell a part or the entire KLT tokens portfolio and then make a withdrawal?

If you wish to withdraw funds from your KELTA account by selling a part or the entire KLT tokens portfolio, you must first deactivate the computing power. To do this, go to the menu Power and Balance and move the slider from Computing Power to KELTA. Click the Save button to confirm the settings. After confirmation, the computing power becomes inactive, and you can proceed to the next step. This is the conversion of KLT tokens to USDT, which you do in the menu Wallet - Convert. Go to the KELTA section and choose the type of conversion. Click the Bid & Ask button. You will be automatically redirected to the new KELTA Wallet module - Bid & Ask. It is a tool that allows KELTA users to create and place their own offers to buy and sell KLT tokens. In the displayed list you will find offers for KLT tokens selling. Each offer includes the amount of KLT tokens that another user wants to buy, the rate for 1 token, and the amount of USDT units that you will get by selling your tokens. Just choose your preferred offer and click the SELL button. The transaction will then be automatically processed via the KELTA network.

The second way to sell KLT tokens is to create your own offer. In the Bid & Ask menu, click the Create an offer button. Enter the number of KLT tokens you want to sell, the price at which you want to sell the tokens and confirm by clicking the Place offer button. Please note that the default selling price of KLT tokens is 4,25 USDT. In case you would like to sell tokens for a lower rate, it is necessary to complete the KELTA educational program. After entering the offer, it will be displayed in the offers list in the Buy KLT tab, and if another KELTA user accepts your offer, the transaction will be automatically processed via the KELTA network.

After successful completion of the transaction, you will see your current status of USDT units in the Convert menu, section Tether.

Please keep in mind that if you have also used bonus tokens to increase your computing power, you will lose them during the execution of this transaction and the tokens will be returned to KELTA.

This is how you got free USDT units, which you can now withdraw or exchange for another cryptocurrency.

To make a withdrawal, follow the steps described in the question How can I make a withdrawal?

How can I withdraw from the contract of sale for the provision of the KELTA´s services?

Information regarding withdrawal from the contract can be found in the General Business Terms and Conditions in the article XVII. Cancellation (annulment) of Orders.

If you are interested in withdrawing from the contract, it is necessary to send the withdrawal form in paper form to the address of the KELTA's registered office. You can download and print the form below.

Service name: KELTA Wallet services

Withdrawal form
Formulár na odstúpenie od zmluvy

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