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The Application

Kelta token holders will be able to access the data center through an application on their smartphone, tablet or computer.


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The current data center building is structurally reliable, and rated at a tier-3 security level. It is powered by two separate power sources and has access to more than 20 MW of electrical power. Furthermore, two powerful diesel generators stand ready as a reserve power source. The data center is situated outside of seismically active zones and floodplains.

George Mac - CEO of presents the Data Center in detail

Introduction to Kelta Data Center

Introduction to Kelta's Token System

Why is Kelta's Data Center the best solution

They wrote about us


Kelta focuses on offering computing power to scientific researchers, scholars, cryptocurrency miners and anyone else who might need it.

Kelta is a member of a bigger group of companies that, in addition to Kelta itself, consists of AGEM DATA, which is the owner of the data center building, and Kelta Mining, the data center operator and token vendor. Kelta was formed as a substantive entity exclusively for the purpose of the ICO.

The key advantages of the Kelta data center include energy efficiency, security, and accessibility. Liquid immersion cooling, a tier-3 security level building, and an easy to use mobile application each make Kelta one of a kind.

Road Map

OCTOBER 2017 DECEMBER 2017 JANUARY 2018 MARCH 26th, 2018 APRIL 2th, 2018 May 17th, 2018 MAY 21th, 2018 MAY 27th, 2018 JUNE 11th, 2018 JULY 30th, 2018 AUGUST 28th, 2018

Our team

George Mac


Having been at KELTA for over 2 years, George Mac is an expert in risk management and the design of risk management frameworks. Identifying and managing business risk is one of his crucial roles in mitigating disruptions to our mining processes. His expertise also comprises financial risks and internal auditing. Having worked at several different investment firms over the course of his career, his thorough knowledge of financial systems helps keep KELTA at the forefront of cryptocurrency.

Frantisek Stefanicka

Lead Engineer

Frantisek is our resident expert in immersion cooling technology and mining hardware. With over three years’ experience at KELTA alone, he is on the forefront of heat management in crypto mining. Beyond cooling systems, Frantisek is an expert in the management of mining processes such as pool management and mining hardware optimization. He is also an expert in the software used to effectively manage large scale mining operations.

Eva Micháliková

Communications Director

Eva comes to us with over 18 years of experience as an executive in the financial sector. Beginning with a Masters in Finance and Banking in 2002, she has worked both in corporate finance, private equity, asset management, and venture capital roles throughout her career both in the EU and in the US. After a successful career in finance she switched gears to IT in order to expand her experience base and find a new place to apply her old experience. Right now she is focused on Marketing, Sales, and Business Development.

Gevorg Ayrumyan


Gevorg is the head of the KELTA legal department. He is a litigation expert, having taken part in more than 100 successful lawsuits and proceedings. Registered as a lawyer by the Slovak bar association, Gevorg holds a JD, specializing in business law, and a PH.D, in criminal justice and law enforcement administration. His knowledge of the IT sector puts him in an ideal position for negotiations, particularly in cases involving intellectual property rights.

Rebecca Mac

Operations Manager

Rebecca assures that Kelta runs at the highest efficiency level. To date, she has directly supported several successful crypto mining operations in Slovakia. Her specialty is keeping operations running smoothly and finding smarter ways of management. Rebecca brings this skill set to her position at Kelta. Her management skills were acquired at the hospitality management school, École Hôtelière de Lausanne, in Switzerland.

Igor Kalig

Support Manager

Igor is a head of support. He is in charge of coordinating a support department for KELTA in order to provide a quality 24/7 customer service. He is also responsible for updates to our FAQ section and facilitate the clear understanding of project's purpose and services it provides to its token-holders.

Milos Ubovic

Operations Supervisor

Milos has years of experience in hardware supply, network infrastructure management, server migrations, and – critical – energy supply. He is responsible for the service, maintenance, and upkeep of the KELTA mining equipment, as well as the training of new maintenance and operations personnel. Beyond the training he also supervises all of the assigned maintenance, operations, troubleshooting, and repair tasks regarding our network systems.

Ľuboslav Janovec

Software Architect

Lubo has 15 years of experience designing and implementing service layers to support interactive web and native mobile applications. He has a strong knowledge of cross-platform and cross-browser web development, and experience in many aspect of the software lifecycle - from requirements gathering, design, implementation, testing, deployment, and troubleshooting.

Our Advisors

Igor Rattaj

Owner at Tatry Mountain Resorts

Since 1996, Igor has been working with the J&T financial group, concerning himself principally with banking activities in the Czech Republic. He started in brand investment and trading and participated in the foundation of J&T Bank in Prague, Bratislava, Zürich, and Moscow (a large part of the J&T Group was EPH – a large European power distributor). In recent years he has primarily been doing business at his leisure, but 5 years ago he made a large investment: the data center that today serves as the base for the KELTA mining project.

Michaela Sabo


Michaela also has a Master degree in marketing and multimedia communications and even though she is primarily working in the film industry it’s also natural that every now and then she is interested in this area of her own expertise. The whole crypto world is very interesting as such and it is the best field for applying new and unique communication strategies. It is an exciting yet challenging world.

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